12.07.06: Windmills from China
ProCure has taken home a shipment of small windmills to a Danish organisation for renewable energy.

The mills are 400W; the controller (12V) can be connected to both the mill and a 300W solar panel; rotor diameter 1.4 m.; rotor blades in nylon and carbon fibre.

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12.07.05: New website
Our new physical surroundings have inspirered us to also change our web environment. Therefore we have implemented a new website. Our new site is developed by Communicaiders, whom we have co-orporated with for the past year.
12.06.05: Sponsorship
ProCure sponsors the football club Olympia Aarhus. The team started out in serie 6 in 2002, and ProCure has been a sponsor from the beginning. Today Olympia Aarhus is playing in serie 4 and is currently in 7. place. Through the sponsorship ProCure helps ensure the financial situation of the club, so that the players can concentrate on promotion to serie 3.
01.09.04: New facilities
We have now moved into our new location, at Lilletorv 1A in Thisted, Denmark. It has been our wish for quite a while to change location, but we have patiently awaited the perfect opportunity, which has now finally arrived.
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