ProCure plc is a Danish company with many years of technical and commercial experience, specialised in market and product searching on an international level. This focus have enabled the company to constantly monitor and follow the development in customer demands as well as the development of new products around the world.

Forklifts and harbour cranes
ProCure is primarily known for the import of quality equipment for handling goods. ProCure offers a product programme within forklifts and harbour cranes that places the company at the top of the market, while maintaining a competitive price level. Read more.

Furthermore, ProCure represents Thermax, a producer of absorption chillers and heat pumps in India with exports to large parts of the world. In collaboration with Scandinavian Energy Group we funcion as Thermax's link to the Scandinavian market. Read more.

Project matching
Apart from the products mentioned above ProCure is also a competent consultant in relation to project matching, owing to our organisation's technical and commercial experience. Read more.

Our sister company ProSeed plc sells installations for drying and storing grain. The customers are farmers and producers of fodder stuffs who wants minimal handling of the grain in a high-quality silo. Read more.

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